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For the Most Fashionable Look, Buy Tribal Jewellery Online

The PENDANTS Australia collection of tribal jewellery features surf style designs. Each design represents the natural elements of the earth including wind, ocean water, nature, fire, and more. In addition, our tribal jewellery collection also includes many of the symbols that are native to Australia.

When you buy PENDANTS Australia tribal jewellery online from The Jewellery Shop you are getting jewellery that is authentic and native to the land. What you also get is jewellery that is of the highest quality. Each pendant for the tribal jewellery collection is made of a white phosphorous bronze (sometimes sold with the shorter name phos bronze).

The phos bronze alloy is made of copper, tin, and phosphorus, which is added as a deoxidising agent. This particular alloy is known for its fine grain, toughness, strength, and low coefficient of friction. The result is a metal alloy that is perfectly built to withstand wear in the surf and thus is a perfect material for our tribal jewellery surf collection. On top of that all of our tribal jewellery pendants are rhodium plated to add even more protection. This keeps it from tarnishing.

Before you buy tribal jewellery online be sure to check for quality of construction, especially if the jewellery is to be worn in the surf. Also, additional measurements are provided for the each of the tribal jewellery pieces which includes the length, width, depth, and weight of the pendants, as well as the chain length and type of clasp.

Tribal Jewellery

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